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CPM Application 작성요령을 기재한 파일 2008-11-27
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Portfolio Requirement

To qualify for CPM experience credit, you must manage a portfolio
that meets minimum requirements, which varies based on the number of
sites you manage.

Apartments, condominiums, homeowner's associations, mobile homes,
mobile home parks, single-family homes, hotels, and motels
• 300 units at 1 site
• 200 units at 2-4 sites
• 100 units at 5 or more sites
Office buildings, retail buildings, shopping centers, multi-tenant
industrial property, research and development (R and D) property,
and self-storage centers
• 120,000 square feet (11,000 square meters) at 1 site
• 80,000 square feet (7,500 square meters) at 2 or more sites
Single-tenant industrial space
• 200,000 square feet (18,500 square meters) at 1 or more

Note: A site is defined as a geographically separate facility. If
there is not a geographical separation, factors to consider for
establishing individual sites are separate site offices, separate
owners, and separate financial statements.
An applicant can manage any combination of the property types listed
above, as long as the combined portfolio meets the minimum
requirement. If the portfolio contains a mix of residential,
commercial, and industrial, use percentages to determine if the
applicant meets the minimum levels required. Also note that, as a
general rule, managing raw land, a new property under construction
and parking garages does not qualify for experience credit.

Functions Requirement
IREM defines the activities performed by real estate managers
according to 35 functions. In addition to managing a minimum size
portfolio, an applicant must perform at least 17 of the 35 functions
in order for any period of real estate management experience to
qualify for credit toward the CPM designation.